Privacy Policy


Jamboree (“we” and “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy.

Jamboree is a registered trademark of Accor UK Business & Leisure Hotels Limited, based at 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London W6 8DR and with company number 01016187.

As a customer or a visitor to our website we, and the companies that work on our behalf, collect information on you. This includes your personal information and information we may buy.

We also collect information on your use of our website, including any forums you visit and how you arrived at our website in the first place by using cookies or other tracking technologies.

Some other companies also collect certain information on you when you use our website, such as social networking sites or web analytic companies.

We will only keep information about you for as long as we need to, and we make sure that any companies that process your information on our behalf do the same.

By using our website or submitting information to us through or in connection with our website, you signify your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you must not use our website or submit information to us through or in connection with our website.



When you gave us your information, you will have been offered the opportunity to sign up to our marketing communications, as well as marketing from other companies we do business with.

If you have agreed to marketing from other companies via us, we are happy to provide you with a list of those companies.  Please see ‘Contact Us’ below.

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from our marketing communications at any time.



We will only share information under the following circumstances:

  • With our company group
  • With government, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies when we consider the disclosure to be fair, reasonable and legal.
  • With companies for marketing purposes and service providers.



We take the security of your information very seriously, and have controls and processes to minimise the risk of a data breach occurring, though you must take responsibility when visiting other websites, even if following a link to them from our website.

In the event that a breach does occur, we will take appropriate steps to notify you if you are, or could be, affected and will make all efforts to minimise the impact.

We use some companies to process information which are based overseas and outside Europe.  We ensure that they have strict checks and controls in place to keep your information safe.



We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we log any updates.  Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.

We will notify you of any amendments made to our policy as a result in a change of law or where we wish to make any changes to our use your information.



You can ask us for a copy of your information or to correct the information we hold on you at any time.



We comply with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.



If you have a question, complaint or query with regards to how we use your information, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.



9.1 The companies that work on our behalf

9.1.1  These are the companies that help us deliver our services to you.  They include our fulfilment houses, marketing agencies, data hosting providers and email service providers.

9.1.2 We only choose those companies who prioritise the protection of personal information and that pass the strict organisational and technical security standards that we set.

9.1.3 The companies that work on our behalf include:

(a) Our fulfilment house that distributes our direct mail.

(b) Our marketing agencies that provide analysis and understanding of our customers.

(c) Our data hosting providers that host and store information on our customers.

(d) Our email service provider broadcasts emails to our customers.

9.2  Personal Information

9.2.1 This is information that can identify you and includes the information you provide us with when you register with our website.

9.2.2 For example, your:

  • name
  • email address
  • telephone number

9.2.3 We do not process your payment card information.  This will be collected by PayPal only.

9.2.4 We process this information for the purposes of:

  • providing and personalising our services
  • allowing you to complete orders for takeaways
  • enabling you to download offers, order gifts and receive loyalty rewards
  • informing you of products you may be interested in
  • dealing with your inquiries and requests
  • compiling your profile
  • administering membership records
  • processing your payment
  • maintaining information as a reference tool or general resource
  • to notify you about changes to our service
  • carrying out market research campaigns.

9.3 Information that we may buy

9.3.1 If we purchase information on you from another company, such as marketing lists, we promise to take all the necessary checks to make sure your information was collected legally.

9.3.2 We may also purchase profile information from other companies to better understand our customers and our market.  This helps us to provide you with better suited products and services.

9.4 Information on your use of our website

We collect information about your use of our website. This includes the pages of our website that have been viewed by you and for how long, and your website journey.  This is done by cookies or other tracking technologies and will include your IP address, and if you have logged in, your log-in details too.

9.5 Cookies or other tracking technologies

9.5.1 Cookies are little data files that are sent to your browser from a website you visit and are stored on your computer's hard drive.  If you choose, the use of a cookie also lets you automatically log-in to our website so that you do not have to re-enter your email and/or password each time you visit.  We use a variety of cookies, as they perform different functions, from remembering that you are logged in during visits, to what your screen name is.  They also help us to identify which of our web pages are the most popular and what type of journey a visitor has through our website.  We also use cookies and web beacons to help us understand how you engage with our emails and to tailor their content so that it is relevant to you. Cookies help us to arrange the content and layout of our website, and recognise computers that have been to our website before or have seen one of our adverts elsewhere. They therefore play an important role in helping us to enhance the usability and performance of our website.  More detail is found in our cookie statement, at the end of this privacy policy.

9.5.2 You may disable cookie support on your browser but be aware that by doing so, you will lose certain features that require a cookie to work properly.  We may use the information collected by the cookie to provide us with various statistics without identifying any individual.

9.5.3 Please contact us at if you require information about disabling any cookies on our website.

9.6 How you arrived at our website

9.6.1 We collect information about how you arrived at our website in the first place.  This can include what links or adverts of ours you've viewed or clicked on to reach us, or any search terms you’ve used.  If we understand how you look for us, we hope to make it easier to be found.

9.6.2 If you see an advert of ours elsewhere, we or our ad agencies that work on our behalf, place a cookie on your browser. This is so that when you arrive at our website we can recognise that you’ve seen an advert of ours elsewhere.

9.7 Other companies

9.7.1 Some other companies also collect certain information from our website. This includes companies involved in:

(a) Social networking applications

We have social networking widgets found in many of our pages.   These widgets give you the tools to bookmark our websites, blog, share, tweet and email our content to a friend.  Your interaction with those options will result in further cookies, from the providers you use being placed on your system.  When registering with us, you will have been asked to opt-in to the data collection and aggregation created from your interactions.

(b) Adverts on our website -  including:

(i) Online behavioural advertising

(ii) Contextual advertising

(c) Website analytics

We use Google Analytics to better understand how our customers navigate to and through our websites, how long customers spend visiting our content items and how often they return to visit our websites.  Google Analytics also helps us track the effectiveness of the money we spend on our digital marketing campaigns.  Their privacy policy can be found here http//

9.8 Keeping information only as long as we need to

We will only keep information about you for as long as we need to.  We make sure that any companies that process your data on our behalf do the same.   We have an internal retention policy, where there are varying retention periods for different categories of information depending on our legal obligations and whether there is a commercial need.



10.1 Marketing communications

10.1.1 We may send you emails, texts, mail on a weekly basis and may phone you depending on the preferences you stated when you registered with us joined our marketing lists.

10.2 Marketing from other companies

10.2.1 If we pass your information on to any other company for marketing purposes it will only be with your explicit consent, and only to companies we trust to keep your information secure and those who have passed our internal checks.

10.2.2 We only provide your information to trusted companies, subject to obtaining your prior consent.

10.3 Subscribe or unsubscribe

10.3.1 You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from our marketing communications at any time, and we will action your request as quickly as possible.

10.3.2 You can do so by emailing us at



11.1 Sharing with our company group

11.1.1 We will share your information with other members of the Accor Group family and their employees.  The Accor Group includes any subsidiary, subsidiary undertaking or holding company of Accor UK Business & Leisure Hotels Limited, and any subsidiary or subsidiary undertaking of any such holding company for the time being.

11.1.2 We may share your information with any successors in title to our business.

11.2 Sharing with government, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies

11.2.1 We will disclose information on you to these bodies when we consider the request to be fair, reasonable and legal.

11.3 Sharing with companies for marketing purposes

11.3.1 If we pass your information on to any other company for marketing purposes it will only be with your explicit consent and only to companies we trust to keep your information secure and that pass our internal checks.

11.3.2 We only provide your information to trusted companies, subject to obtaining your prior consent.

11.4 Sharing with service providers

11.4.1 We will share your information, only if necessary, with third party consultants, contractors or other service providers who may access your personal information when providing services (including but not limited to IT support services) to us.

11.4.2 We will share your information with auditors or contractors or other advisors auditing, assisting with or advising on any of our business purposes.



12.1 Controls and processes

12.1.1 We take the security of our customers’ data very seriously.  We use technical and organisational measures to keep your data as secure as possible.

12.1.2 Technical measures include multiple layers of firewalls, specialist devices to detect and prevent intrusion attempts and encryption systems to ensure data is scrambled while being transmitted from system to system. We perform regular system patching and penetration tests (authorised attempts to try to hack our systems to show any risks) periodically and whenever we bring new systems online.

12.1.3 Organisational measures include relevant policies and procedures, periodic security reviews and clearly defined responsibilities for security.  We employ equally rigorous physical security polices to prevent physical access to our data centres.

12.1.4 All of our employees and data processors that have access to, and are associated with, the processing of your personal information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our your personal information.

12.1.5 All your card details are passed from your browser to PayPal.  We have no access to such data.

12.2  Appropriate steps

12.2.1 We will do our very best to avoid a breach but sometimes events happen despite this.  Our promise to you is that if they do happen, we will ensure that the impact on you is as minimal as it can be.

12.2.2 If we discover that your personal information has been breached and it could adversely affect you - and we have the means to let you know - we will do so as quickly as possible.  If we can, we will tell you how the breach occurred, its nature, the steps we have taken to rectify its adverse effects and the steps you can take. We will provide you with details of who you can contact here if you have any queries and details of the regulator – the Information Commissioner's Office – should you want to speak to them.

12.3 Other websites

We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites even if you accessed the third party website using links from our website.  We recommend that you check the policy of each website you visit and contact the owner or operator of such website if you have any concerns or questions.

12.4 Strict checks and controls

12.4.1 Owing to the global nature of the internet, the information you provide may be transferred in transit to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA).  We also operate globally and so it may be necessary to transfer your personal information to other companies within our group of companies located in countries outside of the EEA.  Countries outside of the EEA may not have similar protections in place regarding your data and its use as set out in this privacy policy.  However, we have taken the steps outlined above to try and protect the security of your information.

12.4.2 We ensure all information sent overseas is dealt with only by companies who we trust and have passed our internal checks and controls. 



13.1 Updates

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy and if we do so we will post the changes on this page. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policy every time you submit information to us or place an order.  Use of the website will signify that you agree to such changes.



14.1 For a copy of your information

If you would like a copy of some or all of the personal information of yours we hold, please contact us at  We will charge you £10 for this information to cover the administration costs involved and we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible and in any event, within 40 days of receipt of your request.

14.2 To correct your information

We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. Please always let us know if you think it is not.



Accor UK Business & Leisure Hotels Limited is registered as a Data Controller under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and we ensure we comply with all the protection the Act affords to you.  Our registration number is Z6141272.



16.1 Contacts

16.1.1 If you have a question, complaint or query around how we use your information, please contact our helpline on +44 (0) 203 772 3500 which is available between 9am and 5pm. Monday to Friday.

16.1.2 We will try respond to you within seven days.

16.1.3 If you have a complaint regarding the use of your information by us, you can also complain to the regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office.



What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser when you visit websites. They are vital for many functions of websites, and allow the site to recognise you and what you are doing.

You can find out more about cookies and how to manage them on .

How this site uses cookies

Some cookies might be set by Jamboree (“first party” cookies) and some cookies might be set by selected companies who we work with to add a function to the website (“third party” cookies).

Jamboree does not store any personal information in cookies.

Please note that by deleting or disabling our cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

We use two types of cookies on this website:

1. Session cookies:

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2. Persistent cookies:

  • Some things we used these for are:
    • Remember your preferences when you return to our website.
    • Allow you to interact with social media websites
    • Monitoring how users interact with our website so that we can review and improve the site.
    • These are retained when you close your browser.


Cookies used by Jamboree

Cookie name or company responsible


frontend and frontend_cid

These are used by our website to identify the current user.

Google Analytics (various)

These are used to gather non-personal information about how users behave on the website. We use this information to prioritise future improvements on the website.

Refer to Google’s privacy policy for more details:

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These are used by PayPal to allow online purchases.

Refer to PayPal’s explanation of cookies they use:

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Some other third-party cookies may be used depending on services that we are using on the site, e.g. sharing.